Why the Roof of a Structure is in Danger to Fierce Winds

Wind gusts don’t seem like they would be a danger to your property; however, when your roof is in disrepair, then you stand to incur some expensive repair and restoration work. People residing in regions of the nation that are susceptible to extreme winds will have first-hand experience when it comes to property damage related to storms. Huge gusts of wind and wind storms can create mayhem on the roof of any building or house. If you’re not familiar with the volume of demolition that storms can cause to any structure, Paul Davis can help. We are the experts when it comes to storm damage prevention and emergency restorations.

Understanding Why Storms Affect your Roof

Getting a secure and stable roof for a violent storm is the best peace of mind available. Though it cannot be guaranteed, having a strategy in place to prevent damage is essential for a good outcome To know the most effective ways to prevent damage caused by wind to your roof, you need to know about storms.

The air pressure below the roof is an important factor here. If the wind gets inside your home from a doorway, or if outside debris breaks a window, this will create a high-pressure scenario inside and it will push against your roof. Now you’ll get a push from inside the house and a suction pulling from on top of the roof. This push-and-pull is how tiles get torn off, or in the worst scenario, your roof blows off from the rest of the house.

That is why it’s vital to, not at any time, open your doors or windows during a big storm. At one point it was suitable to think that letting the wind flow through your house was a good thing to do, but this assumption has been debunked. Bracing your windows and doors helps maintain normal atmospheric pressure, block flying debris from smashing windows and counteracts high-pressure winds. Also, the complications from wind pressure on your roof revolve around your roof’s height, style, and location.

Reliable Storm Damage Prevention Practices

Getting your roof examined for weak points and troublesome areas that can be repaired before a storm will help eliminate wind damage when a storm strikes. Eradicating the primary point of entry for the wind means you can prevent damage to your roof while the storm rages. Prudent measures might take up valuable time but the rewards of an intact roof is worth it. A roof that has been examined and repaired properly stands a better chance to withstand high wind conditions.

However, we know that there’s only so much you can do and the weather can always give us a surprise. Whenever your roof succumbs to any type of storm damage, then look to Paul Davis for first-rate storm damage restoration services. We can get your house back to its normal condition in a timely fashion. Call Paul at 801-299-1000 to locate a franchise near you.