Why the Roof of a Structure is in Danger to Fierce Winds

Fast gusts can be a concern for the structure of your house. If the winds get fierce, they can cause all kinds of damage like stripping the roof of your home. Roofs on homes are well designed and they’re made to fight normal wind conditions in your area. However, when the gusts of wind are intense, your roof can only withstand so much to stay intact. For communities that reside in windy regions like the Eastern seaboard where hurricanes hit or Tornado Alley, this is a real-life threat. As an esteemed storm damage restoration company, Paul Davis has the expertise in roof repairs during the storm season, and we know how roofs are afflicted during extreme wind conditions.

Why Are Roofs Blown Off During Violent Wind Gusts?

Having a solid and durable roof during a storm is the best peace of mind available. Although it cannot be guaranteed, there are ways to give your roof a fighting chance. To understand the best ways to avoid wind storm damage to your roof, you need to understand storms.

Air pressure is the leading culprit responsible for roofs tearing off. If air currents gets in your house from a broken window or an open door it generates pressure within and pushes it upwards. Combine that air pressure in the home with the force of wind pulling on the outside and the roof has a good chance of being torn off.

Paul Davis suggest you keep windows and doors shut at all times during a storm. Bracing your windows before extreme wind conditions can reduce damage. It used to be a normal thing to open doors and windows during a storm, but that concept has been disproved to prevent any damage to your roof. Brace kits for windows can restrain them from shattering and allowing wind through. Factors like the height of your house and the shape of your roof can also influence how wind storms affect it.

Dependable Storm Damage Avoidance Methods

Having your roof examined for weak points and areas of concern that can be fixed a head of time will help mitigate wind damage when the weather turns. Eradicating any point of access for the wind means you can avoid damage to your roof while the storm continues. Precautionary steps might take up valuable time but the bonus of an unharmed roof is worth it. A roof that has been examined and repaired properly stands a better chance to resist high wind conditions.

However, we understand that there’s only so much you can do and the weather can always give us a surprise. If your roof surrenders to any type of storm damage, then contact Paul Davis for professional storm damage restoration services. We can restore your house back to its normal condition in a timely fashion. Call Paul at 801-299-1000 to find a franchise in your area.