Springville, UT Storm Damage Emergency Help

Turbulent storms are frequent and unpredictable in UT and across the South. Spring and fall often bring the harshest weather like tornadoes, tropical storms and thunderstorms. Sadly, even the most equipped residents or commercial properties can fall victim to severe weather. The emergency professionalsat Paul Davis Emergency Services serve the Springville region with quick response times and thorough repairs.

Storm Damage Clean Up Contractor

The Paul Davis contractors have local experience in storm remediation after severe weather near Springville. Our team is ready all day, every day for first response services and storm damage repair quotes. Whether the damage is major or minor, you can contact our licensed repair professionals to help your home or business. We help with the insurance process and offer storm remediation estimates. Paul Davis performs storm damage repair for these common problems:

Wind Damage

Throughout the South and UT, tornadoes have left millions of dollars in damage. These severe storms can cause havoc on homes and electricity lines as well as result in supplementary damage. The tornado damage to your property alone may include torn siding, shattered windows, damaged shingles and even whole roofs. Landscaping and vehicles aren’t even safe from strong tornadoes. If you want a quote for tornado damage, contact the specialists from Paul Davis Emergency Services.

Flood Damage

We often underestimate water because it’s so common in our lives, but flood damage can be a seriously dangerous force to your home or business. When enough rain falls, flooding can ruin structures, walls, fabrics and produce mold when neglected. A severe storm that brings flash flooding can leave behind dirty debris or septic leakage around your property too. To find out more about flooding, see our water damage page.

Tropical Storm Damage

Hurricanes blend the worst parts of strong winds and rainfall into a single serious storm. Although tropical storms vary in strength, storms have been known to damage buildings, uproot landscaping and flip vehicles. Paul Davis Emergency Services provides estimates for hurricane damage.

Frozen Rain Damage

Springville doesn’t get feet of snow, but ice and sleet can be real problem. When in full force, hail can crack glass, bend and cause fissues in siding which leads to permanent damage. Call Paul Davis Emergency Services for assistance with hail damage.