Ways to Avoid the Need for Storm Damage Repairs

High-speed gusts can be a nuisance for the structural integrity of your house. When the winds get forceful, they can cause all sorts of damage like stripping the roof of your home. Roofs on homes are well designed and they’re made to withstand normal wind conditions in your region. Nevertheless, if a wind storm is very strong, your roof is only able to do so much to stay unharmed. For communities that live in wind prone areas like the Eastern seaboard where hurricanes hit or Tornado Alley, this is a hazard. As a trustworthy storm damage repair company, Paul Davis has an extensive background in roof maintenance during the storm season, and we understand how roofs are distressed during extreme wind conditions.

Understanding Why Violent Wind Gusts Affect your Roof

Having a solid and stable roof during a storm is the best peace of mind available. Though it cannot be made certain, there are ways to give your roof a fighting chance. Understanding storms and how they impact your home is the best way in knowing how to stop your roof from blowing off.

The atmospheric pressure below the roof is an important factor in this. If the wind is able to get inside your house from a doorway, or if flying debris smashes a window, this will form a high-pressure situation inside and it will push upwards towards your roof. Then you’ll have a push from inside the home and a pull from above the roof. This push-and-pull is how roofing tiles get blown off, or in an extreme situation, your roof blows off from the rest of the home.

Paul Davis recommend you keep windows and doors shut at all times during extreme weather conditions. Boarding up your windows before fierce wind conditions can reduce the chances of damage to your home and roof. There was a time when it was a standard practice to open windows and doors while it was storming, but that idea has been debunked to prevent any damage to your roof. Brace kits for windows can restrain them from breaking and letting wind in. Factors like the height of your house and the shape of your roof can also impact how extreme winds affect it.

How to Ward Off Storm Damage to Your Roof

Having your roof examined for damaged points and troublesome areas that can be repaired a head of time will help eliminate wind damage when the weather turns. Eradicating the primary point of entry for the wind means you can avoid damage to your roof while the storm carries on. Prudent steps might take up valuable time but the rewards of an unscathed roof is worthwhile. A roof that has been examined and repaired correctly stands a better chance to resist extreme windstorms.

Sadly, not all storm damage can be avoided, which is why Paul Davis offers storm damage restoration and repairs. You can trust us for help when it comes to repairing roof damage. We know the importance of immediate services and we work hard to ensure your home is in the best condition possible.