Is There Black Mold in My Home? – Get Affordable Mold Remediation Contractors

Do your allergies flare up at home but stop when you leave? This could be a red flag for mold somewhere in your house. Typical side effects of mold allergies often look like cold or flu-like warning signs like sneezing, sore eyes and nasal congestion. Black mold is quite a potent variety of mildew that thrives in warm, wet areas such as basements.

You may have already seen exposed black mold somewhere in your house then ignored it, believing it’s dirt or soot. Areas of black mold will show up in a polka dot pattern. These colonies usually look slippery and have a grayish green color. Hire an affordable mold repair company. Get an affordable quote today!

Black mold only needs a little moisture, which means if your house has a history of flooding, broken pipes and condensation, it could make a perfect home for this mildew. Check for warped surfaces from water or discoloration on the walls, floors or ceilings of your home as a sign of black mold. If your house has a stale, mildew odor, it could be a sign of concealed black mold. Find out today with a quote for affordable mold damage restoration from our company!

If you believe there is your home has black mold, call Paul Davis for treatment from black mold damage repair professionals. Prolonged exposure can lead to conditions such as:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Irritation of the eyes
  • Chronic coughing
  • Nausea

How To Prevent Black Mold in Your Home

Mold can come inside your house in a variety of ways like on clothes you and your family wear. Black mold and other species are generally anywhere you go, indoors or outside, but you can take precautions to avoid it establishing groups in your house. If you believe there is black mold somewhere in your house, don’t hesitate. Get an affordable quote for mold damage restoration from our highly-trained contractors!

Prevent mold in your house with the following:

  • Never hesitate to restore any water damage you discover
  • Maintain moisture levels in your house to a minimum, never higher than 50%
  • Use an air conditioner during humid spring and summer
  • Assess ventilation and exhaust fans around your kitchen or bathroom
  • Sanitize mold-prone areas with mold-killing cleaners
  • Avoid carpeting mold-prone areas
  • Remove and renew flooded carpets
  • Get an afforable quote from a mold damage repair company

Getting Black Mold Repair

The technicians at Paul Davis have extensive training and certification to eliminate troublesome spores and mold fast, safely and completely. We offer thorough commercial and residential mold repair service earning us a national reputation. Call us today for an affordable quote.

The Paul Davis staff provides 24/7 emergency response to get to your home only hours after your call. The responders on the scene are trained to use industrial-grade equipment that destroys and sanitizes the region damaged by mold. You also get capable contents cleaning and perimeter containment, as well as thorough sanitation and odor removal after we respond to your home. Paul Davis works hard to assist your home and family after mold repair, so we also provide assistance with the insurance claims process. If you’ve discovered mold or damage from mold at your home, connect with the mold repair professionals at Paul Davis Restoration. Call us for an affordable quote today!