Water Damage Scenarios

Water damage takes many forms and can harm even the most equipped business or home. Different water damage scenarios deserve appropriate solutions. Whatever the source or size of water damage in your home, Paul Davis Emergency Services work quickly and professionally.

Continue for more about some of the most common kinds of water damage here:

Mother Nature

Long periods of rainfall will test any structure’s foundation. When storms become serious, water becomes a destructive element. Be it a flash flood, hurricane, or winter storm, when water harms your property, it becomes a grave problem. Nobody is prepared for every scenario, but when water damage strikes, our help is available.

Flooding in the Basement

Basements draw in lots of runoff water, whether from rain, a leaky roof, a damaged water pump, or some other source. It only takes one crack in the cellar for water to invade. Paul Davis specialists are highly qualified to remove water from cellars, clean and preserve your possessions, and dry everything quickly to minimize damage. Our team doesn’t stop until we verify that the work is finished.

Sewer Backups & Problems

Sewer flooding is not only nasty, it’s a health concern. Grey or black water contamination carries toxins that may lead to serious illness. Flooding caused by sewer blockages can be designated as a crisis and be handled immediately. Trained Paul Davis emergency responders evaluate and remove the damage from the backup and any stagnant water damage may have occurred. Our technology and specialized training will solve the problem with efficiency and quality.

Damaged Pipes & Appliance Leaks

If your faucet, tub, washing machine or any other appliance floods, the outcome can range from irritating to hazardous. Stagnant water left on the floor can seep into tight spots, and pool in out of reach places. You may cause floor damage and harbor a mold infestation. If your water damage starts from bathroom or dishwasher overflow, you additionally risk fostering illnesses. Call a professional investigate the area to avoid additional costs down the road.

Firefighting Runoff

It’s tragic enough for your home to sustain fire damage, but it’s worse to be stuck with water damage in the days after the fire. In the process of killing a home fire, your home or business may be left with water damage. Such a one-two punch of home damage can leave your space ruined. Paul Davis has the expertise to remove any fire or water damage remaining.