Peoa Home Remodeling Services

Dreaming of an updated kitchen? A new bathroom? A complete home remodel? Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling can turn your dreams into your reality. Whether you are a homeowner, design professional or real estate professional, Paul Davis will provide our craftsmanship to any project. Our mission is to turn your home into the place that you can be proud of.

For more than 50 years, the Paul Davis brand has helped a number of different clients turn dreams into reality through our remodeling services. You can depend on us to meet high performance standards for kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas. Throughout your remodeling project in Peoa, your remodeling technicians will be by your side. We will do what it takes to understand how you want your room to look and perform our job accordingly.

Take a look at some of the home remodeling projects that we can take care of for your family:

  • Kitchen: Now is the time to transition from cramped spaces, old appliances, or ugly decor in your home’s kitchen. We’ll revamp this important space and give you the ideal kitchen that you have always wanted. The final result will be both beautiful and functional.
  • Bathrooms: From powder rooms to master bathrooms, we can take care of all your bathroom remodeling projects. We’ll introduce you to some of the latest trends in flooring, design, and fixtures to create a space that you will love for a very long time.
  • Basement: Do you own an unfinished basement or room that you want to remodel? From theater rooms to man caves, we can make your dream scenario become reality.
  • Additions: Add some extra breathing room to your home with an addition to a kitchen, bedroom, or other space. We’ll take care of all the work, from submitting permits to installing light switches.

We’ve constructed a reputation in Peoa for performance, integrity, and responsibility. We’re a family-operated franchise and are extremely committed to our customers and community. This is why we are so passionate about the community where we live and the projects we undertake. We’re a team you can really trust, a team with solid understanding of your vision, and the skill and experience to develop the places and spaces you love. Don’t procrastinate any longer. Contact Paul Davis Restoration & Remodeling now to begin your home remodel.