Paul Davis Emergency Services: Flood Damage Removal

Water damage happens in several different ways and can hit even the most prepared business or home. Assorted water damage scenarios need appropriate solutions. Whatever the cause or size of water damage in your business, Paul Davis Emergency Services work fast and professionally.

These are some of the most typical reasons for water damage:

Mother Nature

Severe weather will test any building’s foundation. If weather becomes intense, water becomes a powerful force. Whether it’s a flash flood, tornado, or blizzard, if water hits your home or business, it’s a grave problem. Nobody is ready for every scenario, but if issues occur, you’ll have our expertise.

Cellar Flooding

Cellars are a target for runoff water, be it from precipitation, roof damage, a malfunctioning sump pump, or some other source. It only takes a single break in the cellar for water to flow in. Paul Davis specialists are highly trained to eliminate water from basements, clean and preserve your home goods, and dry everything effectively to minimize damage. Our team doesn’t rest until we know that the job is done.

Sewer Leaks & Problems

Sewer back up is not only gross, it’s a health concern. Grey or black water pollution spreads toxins that may result in infection. Backup resulting from sewer blockages should be designated as an emergency and be remedied immediately. Certified Paul Davis technicians comb through and remove the damage from the sewage and any stagnant water damage may have occurred. Our tools and years of education will fix the problem with efficiency and quality.

Busted Pipes & Appliance Leaks

If your sink, tub, washing machine or other appliance breaks, the outcome can vary from annoying to hazardous. Stagnant water on the floor can drain into tight spots, and pool in hard-to-reach places. You then cause wood damage and harbor a mold contamination. If your water damage starts from bathroom or kitchen malfunction, you additionally risk spreading pathogens. Have an emergency professional investigate the area to prevent further expenses later on.

Water after Fire Damage

It’s tragic enough for your home or business to take on fire damage, but it’s even worse to be left with water damage after the blaze. In the steps of extinguishing a home fire, your property may be left soaked. Such a surplus of home damage can leave your space devastated. Paul Davis Emergency Services has the training to eliminate any fire or water damage remaining.