Causes of Water Damage

Water damage happens in many various ways and can hit even the most organized business or homeowner. Various water damage causes deserve special treatments. Regardless of the source or size of water damage in your home or business, Paul Davis Emergency Services respond quickly and professionally.

Learn more about a few of the most frequent types of water damage below:

Bad Weather

Bad storms can put any building’s integrity on trial. If storms become intense, water becomes a powerful force. Whether it’s a flood, hurricane, or winter storm, when water harms your home or business, it becomes a serious issue. Nobody is ready for a problem like this, but when water damage strikes, you can rely on us.

Cellar Flooding

Underground rooms attract lots of runoff water, whether from rain, a leaky roof, a broken water pump, or other sources. It just takes one break in the foundation for water to flow in. Paul Davis experts are highly trained to eliminate flooding from basements, sanitize and restore your possessions, and dry everything fast to lessen the damage. Our team doesn’t quit until we know that the task is complete.

Sewage Spills & Problems

Sewage flooding is not just nasty, it’s hazardous. Black or grey water contamination spreads toxins that may result in serious illness. Flooding from sewer clogs can be considered an emergency and be handled immediately. Qualified Paul Davis emergency responders evaluate and eliminate the damage from the backup and any stagnant water damage may have occurred. Our equipment and specialized education can solve the hazard with efficiency and quality.

Busted Plumbing & Appliance Leaks

If your sink, bathtub, water heater or other appliance floods, the outcome can vary from irritating to devastating. Stagnant flooding on the floor can drain into tight spots, collecting in hard-to-reach places. You then cause floor damage and invite a mold infestation. If your water damage results from toilet or dishwasher malfunction, you additionally risk fostering illnesses. Call a professional inspect the situation to prevent larger costs later on.

Water after Fire Damage

It’s terrible enough for your home or business to sustain fire damage, but it’s worse to be left with water damage in the days after the fire. In the steps of extinguishing a home fire, your property may be left with water damage. Such a one-two punch of home damage can leave your area devastated. Paul Davis Emergency Services has the skills to eliminate any fire or water damage remaining.