Why the Roof of a Structure Reacts to Fierce Wind Conditions

A wind storm doesn’t seem like it would damage your property; however, if your roof is in bad shape, then you’re in a position to acquire some expensive repair and restoration work. Residents residing in regions of the nation that are susceptible to high winds will have first-hand experience when it comes to property damage related to storms. Powerful gusts of wind and wind storms easily wreak havoc on any roof. If you’re not aware with the amount of damage that storms like hurricanes and tornadoes can bring to any structure, Paul Davis can help. We are the specialists when it comes to storm damage prevention and emergency services.

How Are Roofs Torn Off During Storms?

Having a secure and stable roof during a violent storm is the best peace of mind available. Although it cannot be guaranteed, there are things you can do to give your roof a fighting chance. Understanding storms and how they affect your home is the first step in knowing how to deter your roof from becoming damaged.

The air pressure below the roof is an integral part here. If the wind is able to get inside your home from an unsealed door, or if outside debris breaks a window, this will create a high-pressure situation inside your home and it will push against your roof. Now you’ll get a push from inside the home and a pull from on top of the roof. This push-and-pull is how roofing tiles get torn off, or in an extreme case, your roof tears off from the rest of the home.

We advise you keep windows and doors shut during a storm. Boarding up your windows before extreme wind conditions can diminish the chances of damage to your home and roof. It used to be a normal thing to open doors and windows while it was storming, but that concept has been disproved to prevent any damage to your roof. Brace kits for windows can prevent them from breaking and allowing gusts of wind in. Factors like the stature of your home and the angles of your roof can also change how fierce winds affect it.

How to Ward Off Storm Damage to Your Roof

Having your roof examined for damaged points and concern-able areas that can be fixed before a storm will help eliminate wind damage when the weather turns. Eradicating the primary point of entry for the wind means you can prevent damage to your roof during the storm. Precautionary steps may take up some time but the bonus of an unharmed roof is worth it. A roof that has been examined and fixed accordingly stands a better chance to withstand fierce wind conditions.

Sadly, not all damage can be avoided, and that is why Paul Davis provides storm damage restoration and repairs. You can count on us for assistance when it comes to taking care of roof damage. We know the importance of immediate servicing and we work hard to ensure your home is in the finest condition possible.