Causes of Water Damage

Water damage takes many forms and can strike even the most equipped business or home. Different water damage circumstances deserve different solutions. Whatever the cause or scale of water damage in your business, Paul Davis Emergency Services respond fast and effectively.

Learn more about a few of the most common kinds of water damage below:

Mother Nature

Severe weather will put any structure’s integrity to the test. When weather becomes serious, water becomes a powerful element. Be it a flood, tornado, or winter storm, when water hits your home or business, it’s a grave matter. No one can be ready for every scenario, but when issues occur, you’ll have our expertise.

Cellar Flooding

Cellars are magnets for runoff water, be it from precipitation, roof damage, a malfunctioning water pump, or some other source. It just takes one break in the basement for moisture to flow in. Paul Davis specialists are highly qualified to remove water from basements, clean and preserve your possessions, and dry everything effectively to minimize damage. We don’t rest until we verify that the task is finished.

Problems from Sewer Leaks

Sewer back up is not just repellent, it’s a health concern. Black or grey water contamination contains toxins that can lead to infection. Backup from sewer clogs should be designated as an emergency and be remedied right away. Trained Paul Davis emergency responders inspect and eliminate the damage from the sewage and any standing water damage may have happened. Our equipment and years of education can solve the problem with efficiency and quality.

Busted Plumbing & Appliance Leaks

If your faucet, bathtub, washing machine or any other appliance breaks, the outcome can vary from irritating to devastating. Stagnant water on the floor can seep into the foundation, and pool in out of reach places. You then cause floor damage and invite a mold invasion. If your water damage comes from sewage or kitchen overflow, you additionally risk harboring microbes. Have an emergency specialist inspect the area to prevent more costs later on.

Water after Fire Damage

It’s terrible enough for your home or business to sustain fire damage, but it’s even worse to be stuck with water damage in the days after the blaze. In the steps of killing an indoor fire, your property can be left with water damage. Such a one-two punch of home damage can leave your area ruined. Paul Davis has the skills to remove any fire or water damage remaining.