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Fires can be distressing, but the remediation process does not need to be. Destruction to homes across the country can stem from fires or smoke in addition to the water used to get rid of them. Damage to homes from forest fires is starting to become more widespread, but we are able to repair any damage, regardless of what its origin was Our skilled technicians can turn back the clock on your damaged property and return it to the beautiful home you know and love.

Professional Fire Damage Remediation

Smoke and fire damage is anticipated after a house catches fire. But, water damage from extinguishing the fire can also be an issue in fire damage. Specialists have been trained to repair homes from fire damage across a wide variety of cases. If your home has been damaged by smoke, we can expertly repair that as well. Click here for additional info on smoke damage remediation.

Fire remediation projects are distinct because damage can arise from a combination of fire, water and smoke. We plan every fire damage case uniquely as a result. We approach every residence in a tailored way to every residence and move on with restorations according to how much damage there is.

Regardless of where your fire started, we will adhere to some of (or all of) the subsequent processes.

Assess the Severity of Damage

A Paul Davis Restoration of Utah specialist will take in the scene, making a note of every concern. It is extremely imperative that every bit of the harm be found prior to making a plan, as restoration projects must to be worked on in the precise order. For instance, a wooden floor that looks decent at an initial glimpse could actually be distorted due to water damage, or fire may have weakened the infrastructure. Constructing over complications like these would lessen property values and increase expenses later on, and those particular costs are less likely to be paid by insurance companies. Our thorough review will make sure the restoration work addresses all of the damage immediately.

Lessen Foot Traffic to Dangerous Parts

The mixture of water and fire damage can lead to critical problems for your home’s infrastructure. To protect your home, our professionals divide the safe areas from the hazardous parts of your home.

Pump Remaining Water and Dry the Area

Any standing water has to be pumped as soon as possible, which is sometimes particularly difficult in our chilly winters. These leftover pools can be an ideal spot for mold or mildew growth which compounds to further damage. Our professionals will quickly get the water out and move to drying everything immediately so that rot does not have the time to take hold.

Procedure of Removing Smoke and Soot Residue

After the leftover water has been expelled, our technicians clean surfaces around your home such as ceilings, walls and floors. Deployment of technology that sanitizes the air to get rid of any remaining odors from smoke is a crucial part of this process.

Life Post Fire Damage Remediation

Just after the cleaning and sanitization has been completed, our professionals begin the damage construction projects. We’re able to restore and remodel even the most difficult cases of damage from fires. Our well-trained professionals are capable to perform a wide variety of tasks, that include carpet installation, drywall replacement and even large rebuilding projects.

Fire Damage Remediation Estimates

The faster a trained and certified specialist investigates the fire damage at your home, the more painless and easy the restoration will be. Contact us with haste so we can begin a restoration plan. We work with your insurance provider, create an easy system of payment, and assist you in putting your life back together!