Causes of Flood Damage

Water damage takes many forms and can strike even the most equipped business or homeowner. Assorted flood damage circumstances require different answers. Whatever the source or scale of flood damage in your home or business, Paul Davis Emergency Services act fast and professionally.

Continue for more about a few of the most typical types of flood damage below:

Natural Causes

Severe storms can put any building’s integrity on trial. When weather gets dangerous, water becomes a destructive force. Whether it’s a flash flood, hurricane, or blizzard, if water harms your home or business, it becomes a serious issue. Nobody is ready for every scenario, but if something goes wrong, our expertise is available.

Flooding in the Basement

Underground rooms draw in lots of runoff water, whether from precipitation, roof damage, a broken water pump, or some other source. It only takes a single crack in the foundation for moisture to flow in. Paul Davis professionals are highly qualified to remove flooding from basements, clean and preserve your home goods, and dry everything effectively to minimize damage. We don’t quit until we know that the job is complete.

Problems with Sewer Spills

Sewer back up is not only disgusting, it’s a health concern. Grey or black water pollution carries pathogens that can result in serious illness. Backup caused by sewer clogs should be considered an emergency and should be handled immediately. Trained Paul Davis technicians comb through and remove the damage from the backup and all standing water damage may have happened. Our technology and specialized training will eliminate the problem with efficiency and speed.

Appliance Malfunctions & Damaged Plumbing

If your faucet, bathtub, water heater or other appliance floods, the outcome can vary from bothersome to devastating. Stagnant flooding on the floor can drain into tight spots, collecting in out of reach places. You may cause floor damage and harbor a mold infestation. If your water damage starts from sewage or dishwasher overflow, you additionally risk harboring microbes. Call an emergency professional investigate the situation to prevent additional expenses down the road.

Water after Fire Damage

It’s tragic enough for your home or business to sustain fire damage, but it’s worse to be stuck with water damage after the fire. In the steps of killing an indoor fire, your property can be left with water damage. This surplus of severe damage can leave your space devastated. Paul Davis Emergency Services has the training to remove all fire or water damage remaining.