Professional Fire Damage Restoration

Fires can be distressing, but the restoration process does not need to be. Similar to other places across the country, residences here sometimes fall victim to numerous varieties of damage – not only developing from fire or smoke, but from the water used to expel the fire as well. Destruction to houses from forest fires is becoming more present, but we are able to repair any damage, no matter what its origin was Paul Davis can assist you in turning back the clock on your damaged house and change it to your home sweet home again.

Expert Fire Damage Remediation

After a home fire, smoke and fire destruction is probable. But, water damage that came from putting out the fire is also a factor in fire restoration. Specialists have training to repair residences from fire damage ranging across an extensive variety of scenarios. If your residence has been damaged by smoke, we can professionally restore that as well. Click here for more information on smoke damage restoration.

Fire remediation projects are distinct because damage can arise from a combination of fire, water and smoke. As a result, we work with every fire situation uniquely. We take a tailored approach to every residence and begin remediations according to how much damage there is.

No matter where your fire started, we will adhere to several of (or all of) the following processes.

Evaluate the Level of Destruction

A Paul Davis expert will take in the scenario, making a note of every issue. When making a precise roadmap, it’s incredibly important that each portion of the destruction is seen. For instance, a hardwood floor that looks decent at first glance could actually be warped due to water damage, or fire could have weakened the infrastructure. Constructing over complications like those would lower house values and contribute to costs later, and those particular costs are less likely to be rewarded by insurance providers. Our full examination will make sure the repair work takes care of all the damage right away.

Block Off Hazardous Locations

The structure of your residence can be hurt by the combination of water and fire. To protect your home, our technicians separate the safe areas from the dangerous portions of your home.

Pump Remaining Water and Dry the Location

Any standing water has to be removed as quickly as we can get to it, which is sometimes especially hard in our chilly winters. These residual spots can be a great location for mildew or mold growth which can add to to further damage. Our technicians will rapidly get the water out and move on to drying all spots right away so that rot does not have time to take over.

Remove Soot and Smoke Residue

After the excess water has been pumped out, our professionals clean surfaces around your home like walls, ceilings and floors. Distribution of technology that sanitizes the air to kill any lingering odors from smoke is an important part of this process.

Life Post Fire Damage Cleanup

As soon as the cleaning and sanitization has been finished, our technicians start the damage construction projects. We can restore and remodel even the trickiest instances of damage from fires. Our well-trained technicians are proficient in a long range of tasks, that include drywall replacement, carpet installation and even major rebuilding projects.

Fire Damage Restoration Quotes

The quicker a certified professional investigates the fire damage at your house, the easier and more painless the repair will be. Call us with haste so we can begin a restoration roadmap. We work with your insurance company, create an easy system of payment, and assist you in putting your life back together!