Why the Roof of a Home is in Danger to Fierce Winds

High-speed gusts can be an annoyance for the structural integrity of your house. If the wind gusts get violent, they can do lots of damage such as taking the roof of your house. Roofs on homes are made particularly to withstand normal wind conditions in your area. However, if a wind storm is violent, your roof can only do so much to stay unharmed. For individuals who live in high-wind areas such as the Eastern seaboard where hurricanes hit or Tornado Alley, this is a hazard. As an esteemed storm damage repair company, Paul Davis has an extensive background in roof repairs during the storm season, and we understand how roofs are damaged during extreme wind conditions.

Understanding Why Storms Affect your Roof

Getting a secure and stable roof during a storm is the best way to be at ease. Although it cannot be guaranteed, having a plan in place to avoid damage is crucial for a good outcome Understanding storms and how they affect your home is the first step in understanding how to prevent your roof from becoming damaged.

Atmospheric pressure is the leading component responsible when a roof is blown off. If air currents enters your house from a shattered window or an open door it produces pressure inside and pushes it upwards. Combine that air pressure in the home with the force of wind tugging on the outside and the roof stands a good chance of being pulled away.

That is why it’s of the utmost importance to never open your windows or doors at the time of a heavy storm. At one point it was suitable to think that letting the wind blow through your house was a good idea, but this assumption has been disproved. Bracing your windows and doors helps maintain normal atmospheric pressure, prevents flying debris from smashing windows and counteracts high-pressure winds. Also, the effects from wind pressure on your roof revolve around your roof’s height, style, and location.

How to Fight Wind Damage to Your Roof

A sure way to avoid storm damage restorations to your roof is to get an inspection when you know a storm is imminent. Roofs that have any sort of defect aren’t as resilient to violent winds and the possibilities of storm damage are greatly increased, when in fact a roof that is maintained properly has a better chance at combating powerful wind conditions. Taking this measure can decrease your need for any storm damage restorations.

Sadly, not all damage can be avoided, and that is why Paul Davis also specializes in restoration and repairs. You can trust us for help when it comes to storm damage on your roof. We understand the importance of urgent servicing and we work hard to make sure your home is in the best condition possible.