Is the Mold in your Home Causing Illness? – Get a quote from our mold damage repair contractor

In caves, forests and other environments, mold and fungus break down dead organic material and deposit nutrients into the soil around them, but can cause issues when they start spreading in your house. in your house. Similar to the wild, there are a variety of types that can live in your home. Most of these mildews, molds and fungi do best in damp, obscured regions in your house like your basement or hidden regions of your bathroom. Thankfully, these types of mold are typically easy to ignore, but sometimes a small patch may later become a large issue. Mold reproduces using spores released into the air and causes sickness if breathed in by people with allergies or asthma. Get a quote from a mold damage remediation contractor.

Household mold is harmless for most people, but can be harmful for more sensitive groups. In most cases, the density of the of mold and severity of a person’s allergies has the most effect on their reaction. If you have a mold allergy, you’ll probably have cold-like symptoms like sneezing or a runny nose when mold is nearby. The most severe reactions include short breath. Those with asthma need to be especially careful around high concentrations of mold as it may trigger asthma attacks. Additional groups at risk include:

  • Babies and children
  • The elderly
  • Immune sensitive individuals
  • Those with severe lung disease

Can I Avoid Mold?

Thankfully, you can take measures around your house to kill and avoid mold. Keep mold out of your house altogether by regularly cleaning your HVAC unit, weatherproofing and adding insulation to openings to the outside. Mold flourishes in damp spots in your house, like laundry rooms or basements, so regularly sanitizing these places helps more than you’d know. Mold and mildew do best in muggy surroundings, so keeping dehumidifiers around your house can dry out the area and make it too harsh for reproduction.

For severe cases of mold, we recommend looking for trained mold restoration from Paul Davis Restoration. Getting help from a certified specialist can restore your house to normal, so you can take preventative measures in the future. Hire an affordable mold damage remediation contractor.

Affordable Mold Damage Restoration Quotes

The contractors at Paul Davis have extensive training and certification to ensure that harmful spores and colonies of mold are eliminated fast and effectively. We conduct affordable quotes for thorough residential and commercial mold repair service claiming a top spot in the industry.

Our team performs affordable quotes for 24/7 emergency response and arrive on the scene only hours after your call. The responders you’ll meet are trained to use advanced technology that kills and sanitizes the areas the mold damaged. We send our capable contents cleaning and containment, as well as deep cleaning and deodorization after we remove the problem. Paul Davis works hard to assist you and your family after mold treatment, so we also provide assistance with the insurance process. If you believe your house contains mold or has been damaged by mold, connect with the mold restoration experts at Paul Davis Restoration. Call Paul for an affordable quote today!