Why the Roof of a Home Reacts to Fierce Wind Gusts

A wind storm doesn’t seem like it would damage your property; however, if your roof is in disrepair, then you stand to incur some expensive repair and restoration work. Residents living in areas of the country that are susceptible to high winds will have first-hand experience when it comes to property damage related to storms. Fierce winds and wind storms can create destruction on the roof of any building or house. If you’re not familiar with the amount of damage that strong weather like hurricanes and tornadoes can bring to any structure, let Paul Davis help you. We are the specialists when it comes to storm damage repairs and emergency restorations.

Why Are Roofs Ripped Off During Extreme Wind Conditions?

The reason why roofs are torn off during extreme-wind storms has to do with air pressure. With all wind, as it sweeps across your area, it will come in contact with your home. When the wind hits your residence, and in this case your roof, the air flow will alter. What transpires is when the wind go across the roof, it causes the air twirl and it forms vortices. These vortices generate a push-pull force on the roof and tugs at it.

Air pressure is the main issue responsible when a roof is torn off. If air currents enters your house from a broken window or an open door it produces pressure within and forces it upwards. Combine that air pressure in the home with the force of wind pulling on the exterior and the roof stands a good chance in sustaining damage.

That is why it’s vital to never open your windows or doors during a big storm. At one point it was suitable to think that letting the wind flow directly through your house was a good thing to do, but this belief has been debunked. Boarding up your windows and doors helps keep a normal atmospheric pressure, combat flying debris from destroying windows and keeps out high-pressure winds. Also, the complications from wind pressure on your roof rest on your roof’s dimensions.

Learn to Combat Storm Damage to Your Roof

A sure way to prevent storm damage repairs to your roof is to get an inspection when you know a storm is imminent. Roofs that include any type of flaw are vulnerable to extreme winds and the chances of storm damage are greatly increased, whereas a roof that is secured correctly has a greater opportunity at combating extreme winds. Doing this can decrease your need for any storm damage repairs.

Yet, we know that you can only do so much and the weather can always give us a surprise. If your roof succumbs to any kind of storm damage, then look to Paul Davis for first-rate storm damage repair services. We can get your house back to a good condition in a timely manner. Call Paul at 801-299-1000 for a franchise near you.