The Most Common Factors for Fires in Houses

Fire damage occurs to houses quite regularly, and they can be an alarming thing to deal with. The National Fire Protection Association has recorded that more than 300,000 houses throughout the United States suffer from fire damage annually. Along with these numbers, businesses like Paul Davis have supplied fire clean up services for many homes. It’s necessary to know the most common ways a house fire is caused, because any chance for fire shouldn’t be disregarded. For your preparation, we’ve assembled a category of the most common causes of house fires.

Cooking in the Kitchen

Cooking is one of the primary causes of house fires, and a fire usually occurs when the stove is neglected. Many fire damage repairs have been necessary because of unattended cooking. It’s a good idea to wait in the kitchen while cooking, or to ask someone to monitor it if you depart from the room.

Devices Using Electricity

Your appliances that use electricity can act as a fire risk. If any of your electrical devices have a bad cord, then they are a fire risk. Constantly verify your electrical outlets are not overloaded.

Forgotten Candles

One of the more fun items to place around the house are candles. They enhance your space and make your house aromatic, but they are also a severe fire hazard. Keep your candles away from likely fire hazards such as magazines, papers and draperies, and always extinguish them when you leave the room.

Cigarettes in Your House

Cigarettes have been a fire hazard for decades, since they can stay lit for a few hours, and if they come into contact with anything flammable, you can have a severe issue on your hands. Exiting your residence to smoke is an excellent way to avoid an accident from happening.

Bad Wiring

Any electrical complications in your house, such as bad wiring, can expose your property to fire. Bad wiring is difficult because you can’t always see it, but here are some things to look out for:

  • Your lights dim when another appliance is in use
  • You have to disconnect something in order for an appliance to work
  • Your circuit trips frequently

If this is your dilemma, fix the issue and reach out to an electrician or call your landlord.

Barbecue Equipment

For most individuals, a barbecue is a part of their property for the summer. Remember, it’s critical that your barbecue isn’t near anything that can catch on fire from it. Also, keep it cleaned and maintained frequently, since the buildup that occurs in your barbecue can be a fire risk. Additionally, you should examine the gas bottle frequently for leaks or other possible problems.


Fire is attractive for a child’s curiosity, and that’s why you need to take preventative measures. Hide all matches and lighters in your home to establish the safety of your children. Take extra care and make sure your children know how to clear the area and that they know their address if they need to call 911.

Contents That Are Flammable

Specific liquids should be stored away from any heat source, and you should always read the label to see if they are a risk for fire.

Christmas Trees in the House

Every winter, holiday festivity is provided to the home through Christmas trees along with a viable house fire. Cutting an inch from the base will let your tree soak up water, and it’s necessary to do this before it is placed in the tree stand. Watering your tree consistently and keeping it hydrated is also an important step. One more task you should complete is turning off your Christmas lights when you go to sleep. You could consider buying an artificial tree to prevent a fire hazard.

Lint Traps

Fires generated from dryers are very prevalent, and that’s why it’s necessary to keep them clean. To prevent your home from needing fire remediation services, always clean out the lint trap before using it again, and check the dryer duct regularly because lint can get stuck in there often.


It’s difficult to remove all possible risks for fire, but knowing the most common causes of house fires can eradicate your risk significantly. If you have experienced any fire damage to your home, don’t wait to call an expert that offers fire remediation services, like Paul Davis. We are a fire clean up company that can get your residence brought back to where it was before.