Protect Your House from Extreme Weather – Storm Damage Restoration

Making a plan and getting your house ready are useful things you can do when you know strong winds are imminent. Because your home is such a major investment, it’s a smart idea to do what you can to avoid the risks that violent wind conditions can do to your home and to avoid any storm damage repair. There are many details to keep in mind when preparing your home against strong weather conditions, so to secure your property against high winds, use the steps below.

A Checklist to Prepare Your House & Prevent Storm Damage Repairs

Garage Door – If your house has a garage, then begin with it for your preparation plan, since this is one of the more affected spots for storm damage, most notably strong wind conditions. Commonly, garage doors don’t have the structural support to fight strong wind conditions. What can occur is the wind will create a pressure that pushes inside the garage, and the wind gusts occurring outside of it causes a negative pull. When this develops, both your roof and garage will endure increased amounts of pressure because of this push-pull situation. In order to limit extra storm damage repair work, you can buy a kit that will help your garage door withstand strong wind conditions. This is the most tried-and-true plan of action; however, if you don’t have the time to install a kit, then you can park your car against the door to help brace your garage door.

Windows and Doors – If high winds are likely, find out if the shutters for your windows are stable and in a functional form. Whether you have latches or any other kind of fastener, they need to be strong and you’ll also look into installing locks on them. If you don’t have storm shutters to cover your windows, then you can secure them through other ways. A common misconception with preparing your windows is that you can use masking tape on the window, but this doesn’t secure it at all. In addition, verify that your doors aren’t weak and that the deadbolts are working properly. You can also use braces on your doors as an extra precaution.

Roof – Running a quick analysis of your roof before strong winds come to your location can save you from extensive property damage. The primary thing you’ll want to look for is damaged shingles and put some roofing cement to repair them. Afterward, check for any threatening gaps where any wiring is going into your residence and seal them up. Because circular currents are generated when winds strike the outside roof, they will create a suction, and anywhere high wind currents can get below your roof, they will create a high air pressure that pushes up on your roof. So having a properly sealed roof is one of the better ways to combat high winds from destroying your roof.

Your Property – It’s significant to pick up your property of any lightweight items such as children’s toys, lawn ornaments and patio furniture. If it can be lifted from a strong wind gust, then pick it up and transfer it to a secure area so it doesn’t cause damage to your home and others’ around you. In addition, inspect your trees and shrubbery for any dead or loose limbs and cut them when needed.

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