Customer Testimonials

  • Robert:  They did a great job. They kept in touch with us and they were very responsive when we had questions. ,Thats pretty much our experience. We had no problems.
  • Shari: Their work was excellent. Whenever there was something to be fixed, they got to it right away, they didn’t procrastinate. The people were very friendly and very professional. Everyone I had in my house was neat and cleaned up their messes and us how we wanted things done. Jed, the head contractor, was very courteous and the men working for him are the utmost professional, they do a thorough job and take pride in their work. The painter in the kitchen painted it 4 times to get it perfect, and the man who put the counter in the kitchen worked on one part for over 2 hours to get it right.
  • Jeff: Mitigation team leader Brain did an exceptional job. Brain was thorough, nice, accommodating and helped move everything around.
  • Ryan: I have used them before and they were very good at addressing my concerns and took care of my issue. The second time I had flooding issues, I knew they were the ones to call and that I could count on them.
  • Marnie: We were in a pinch and they got us right in. We were right in the middle of selling the house, they took care of it, the work was good too, I was more impressed with everything. They did a really good job, the guy that did the work was really nice, I was impressed with everything
  • James: They came and cleaned everything up and did a really good job. They were quick and courteous. They did what they were supposed to do and we had no problems at all. Thank you very much Paul Davis.
  • Diane: They were very accommodating. They sent good people and did a good job. They were willing to do whatever was needed to get everything just right.